Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Is Your Anthem! Get Your Hands Up! (An Introduction By, From, and For the Geeks)


I begin with these images, which are all very different from each other but definitely have one thing in common, to provide you all with my view on general geekdom:

There is no one definition that can summarize us all together; we are all different. So different, in fact, that because of our lifestyles, interests, hobbies, general attitudes towards the "muggles" and "mundanes", we've earned the title of 'Geek'. And we're not just different from the people surrounding us, but each other.

Aside from the label we've either been dubbed by others or have rewarded ourselves with, there is another common factor linking us all:

That's right!

We love that part of ourselves, and we're proud enough to show it off in our own unique way!

For some of you, that way might just be buying collectible figures off the internet and displaying them in your room, aka the hole that you never like to leave. But that's okay; to each their own.

Myself, I never miss an opportunity to let people know just how much of a weirdo I can be. Whether it's just from the Portal 2 pins I wear on my purse (not on the strap of a tote bag either, I'm talking Soprano, with authentic leather and everything), or how I'll overhear a conversation on the bus about the wrap-up of the Cornetto trilogy that I'll ever-so-casually insert myself in, but I never hesitate with expressing my unique views and interests with others.

Which reminds me, I should probably introduce myself...


You may call me 4EvaGeek, since that's what I've chosen to go by on here.

I dabble in various geeky interests, but to name a few, I like playing video games, collecting anime and manga, reading Young Adult fiction, watching web series on YouTube, online roleplaying, and vlogging along with 8 other girls I met online from the International Geek Girls Pen Pal Club (IGGPPC).

Yes, I vlog as well. This is truthfully my first real attempt at blogging, and the reason I started this is for a class I'm taking at my university.

But that won't stop me for providing you guys with my writings on all sorts of subjects related to geek culture and just being a geek in general.

(Wonder how many times I can use the word 'geek' in one post... let's test it with shots... 1... 2... 10... *dead*)

Anyway, parenthetical weirdness out of the way, I thought I'd really start this off by telling you guys what I intend to do with this blog.

Here are some rules I am going to try and stick to:

Rules/Pledges/What Have You

#1: Each post I write will be about something considerably different from what I've already written.
One week you might get a review of some sort, the next week will be my attempt at giving some advice about living life as a geek out there in the world, and then out of the blue is some discussion prompt about a particular geeky subject. Basically, I don't want to do the same thing twice, I want to keep the attention of as many readers as possible. My hope is, everyone will have a most favorite post and a least favorite post.
#2: I shall incorporate reader reactions/request/commentary into my posts as much as humanly possible.
I don't want to just be writing this blog for myself; I'm 100% welcome to writing about what you guys want me to write about! Maybe I'm writing about everything but your absolute favorite geeky interest, and even if it's something I've never seen/experienced before, I will try and make it happen for you. Which leads to my next rule:
#3: I will not always stick to what I regard as 'familiar'.
I want this blog to challenge me! Not just my writing, but in any other way that I could possibly be challenged. I'm not going to stick to writing about the things I already know about and love; I want to try new things and see where they take me. And finally,
#4: My posts will not just be text on a web page.
Because that's boring! As a vlogger I know how important it is to be dynamic when you're conveying information. And I know that there are a lot of you who could get immediately bored if they see huge chunks of text and decide to flip over to their Facebook timeline for a more fulfilling means of procrastination. So, I will do my best not to immediately bore you!

I'd say those terms aren't too bad, and now we've got them out of the way!

I don't want to make this introductory post too ridiculously long, so I'll wrap it up there.

Please share this blog with anybody you think might get the slightest bit of enjoyment out of it. And feel free to tweet about anything you find in here as well, just use #4EvaGeek in the process. That way I can keep track. I may even respond! If you'd like to guarantee a response from me, you can find the link to my twitter over on the right. You can even follow me for more updates on my blog, any vlogs I post, or just my daily musings!

Before I go, I think I'll begin a tradition of leaving you all with a question to answer in the comments. That question is:

What are your Top 5 'Geek Loves'?

I really am curious to know!

Until next time,

~ 4EvaGeek

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