Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Load it, Check it, Quick - Rewrite it (A Look at Tumblr)

Just like last week, I'd like to take a look at Tumblr, another aspect of new media that I'm not all that familiar with.

But first, let's recap on how things have been going with me regarding how I've been using Instagram since last week.

I've been using Instagram - along with Twitter - to share different pictures, either of mail I've received (picture one), projects I've been working on (picture 3) or more everyday moments (picture 2).

I've been connecting with people I may not have been able to connect with while just using Twitter, getting various likes on photos (especially the one with the crochet squid) and I've begun following other people, mainly other iggles like myself.

And now we come to a whole other for of new media - Tumblr.

Truth be told, unlike Instagram, I have used Tumblr before, but only sparingly - last year me and a classmate used Tumblr for a final project in an English/Medieval and Renaissance Studies course. And the entire time, I had to have my hand held since I didn't have a single clue how the site worked, or what its purpose was. I`d heard of some people doing some roleplaying with Tumblr, and that it was used for blogging - but it still didn't make sense.

Unfortunately, the classmate that I'd worked with was unavailable for an interview - but I did have a backup, somebody that I've known since I was five years old.

4EvaGeek: How would you describe Tumblr to somebody who has never used it before?
mellieeggo: Tumblr was originally made as a blogging site, a place to put original writings and thoughts. As time has worn on, people have used it to band together with like minded individuals over various things, from pop-culture followings, to recipe groups, to celebrity followers. It has also evolved from a site consisting of written entries to things more like photo's, paintings, and artworks.
4EvaGeek: How do you personally use Tumblr?
mellieeggo: I personally use Tumblr to connect with people who have the same interests and obsessions as me. I mostly follow blogs that focus on the actor's Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, and Tom Hiddleston, as well as the TV show Glee. I also use it to publish my own personal written works, including both originals and fanfiction
4EvaGeek: What is it you like about Tumblr?
mellieeggo: I love Tumblr because it is a place where I can connect with people who enjoy the same things as me, and express it in the same ways. Thanks to the anonymity of the internet, I feel no shame or nervousness with expressing my true feelings regarding the things that I enjoy, from my "OTP's" (One True Pairings) to my fandoms (fan groupings around a piece of pop-culture). It also gives me an avenue to publish everything I write to the greater world, without having to jump through the red-tape of any companies. I write not to make money, but to bring people enjoyment, and Tumblr gives me a place I can do that without worry.
4EvaGeek: Any additional comments about Tumblr that you can provide would be appreciated.
mellieeggo: Tumblr is the greatest site ever. It steals almost all my time.
And there, from an old friend of mine, is Tumblr!
I'll be re-vamping the accounts I created for a school project last year and trying to get some use out of Tumblr. To be honest I'm not as confident about Tumblr as I was with Instagram, but I'll still be giving the site an equal shot.
I'll link my own Tumblr account along with my other links on the side bar to the right of these posts once I have it set up. And for anyone that may be interested, mellieeggo's Tumblr can be found here!
So I guess my question for this post is obvious:
Do you use Tumblr? If so, how do you use it?
That's all for now! One more in this series to go! Next week I'll be looking at Pinterest. So until then!

~ 4EvaGeek

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