Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Do You Like Change?

For the Sheldons out there, don't worry, the changes I'm referring to are very minor, and they are all good ones :)

So since last week's 3P15 class, I've fixed up my blog a bit! I took suggestions from students, my professor and a very helpful fellow blogger that I got to take a look at things, and here is what I came up with:

#1: A New Title!

I'll openly admit that I'm not very good at coming up with titles for things, whether it's an academic paper, a short story, or even a blog!

Aaaand... I'll admit that I might have been listening to a lot of Beyoncé when I set this up.

I am somebody who can admit fault, so I decided to make the title the same as the URL for the blog. Honestly, I think it suits my blog better anyway.

#2: Some Graphics & General Tidying

With some help from an amazing lady, SparkleGirl Jen, I was given some advice from another fellow blogger (who also uses Blogspot) on how I can fix things on the sidebar to make them a little nicer and more organized.

Originally I was going to try out one of the dynamic views, but the background color on that template is a standard grey, and you're stuck without changing a lot of other features. So I'm weighing aesthetics over coolness, perhaps, but I think it works :)

Jen also showed me a great site with some graphics to display for my various links. It cleans things up, and they really do look great. If anybody else reading here is curious, perhaps as another fellow blogger, you can take a look at the site she directed me to here.

#3: A "Check These Out!" Section.

So I figured, I stumble along a lot of stuff across the internet that I find rather fascinating. Whether it's a site or a store or whatever else.

And I decided I would occasionally post something here for all of you to look at. Maybe you'll discover something new!

For the record, what I'm posting aren't directly ads; No money has changed hands in order for me to be posting whatever I choose to post. These are just things that I find cool at the moment.

I'm pretty sure a permanent link to the IGGPPC will stay there, but I'll try and change it up each week with my current obsessions.

For example, this week I'll post a link to a site I love to order things from, RedBubble. Typically I order stickers from there, which are vinyl and geeky and amazing, but they have other great things like prints, t-shirts and iPhone cases. Here's a few things I've bought from the site before, either for myself or for others:

And that's about all the changes I've made! I guess the obvious question here would be

What do you think of the new changes?

I'll be doing more of a regular post (hopefully Halloween themed) later this week. Until then,

~ 4EvaGeek

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  1. I think I fangirled an inappropriate amount when I saw the painting of the mermaid. I had a lovely freak out session because you bought that for me and now the internet knows it.